An Attractive & Functional Coffee Station Adds a Luxury Quality to Your Kitchen

Most of us begin our day by waking up with the quintessential cup of coffee. Creating a dedicated coffee station in your home elevates your morning ritual from a practical routine to an indulgent ritual. A home coffee station can be beautiful and functional with the right selection of design features and organization.  

These days, it’s easier than ever to create barista-quality coffee drinks at home, and coffee enthusiasts often have more than one type of coffee or espresso maker. In addition, there are flavor-enhancing ingredients and gadgets needed to brew the perfect beverage. Dedicating a space in your kitchen design for a coffee station brings the charm of the coffee shop to the convenience of your home.

 A dedicated coffee station is a popular choice for many homeowners.  Here are some tips on how to make this space come to life. 

Designer-Inspired Ideas to Elevate Your Coffee Station 

  1. Keep it Behind Closed Doors

Just because you love your coffee station doesn’t mean you want it visible at all times. There are many ways to incorporate cabinetry that allows access to your coffee maker when you want it but keeps it hidden when it’s not in use. One way to achieve this is by using an appliance garage with lift-up or pocket doors. You could also fully enclose your coffee bar in a cabinet with a roll-out drawer feature and built-in electricity like the kitchen featured here. 

coffee station


Photo Credit:  Photo by Allison Elefante for K Sneed Interiors

2. Plan for Accessories

If your morning coffee ritual features more intricate beverages, you might have accessories to store in your coffee station. If you enjoy flavored lattes, you might have frothers, steaming cups, or ingredients like flavored syrups. Owners of a Keurig or Nespresso machine will certainly want a place for all those pods to go. Planning the placement of drawers, electrical outlets, and even shelving for accessories will provide your space with purposeful organization at your fingertips.

coffee station

Photo Credit:  K Cup Drawer Insert from 


3. Install Open Shelving 

If you prefer creating a curated display of your enthusiasm for coffee, open shelving above your coffee station can be a beautiful and functional element. Picture your favorite coffee mugs and flavorings all within reach above your coffee maker. You can then add home decor pieces that bring life into your kitchen to showcase your style.

coffee station

Photo Credit:  Photo by Allison Elefante for K Sneed Design

4. Light it Up

Some days we need that first dose of caffeine to feel awake. Those early mornings can benefit from additional lighting to make tasks easier. Under cabinet lighting illuminates the countertop below, so you never worry about mixing up the sugar and the salt as you wait for your coffee to brew. You can also include lighted glass upper cabinets to beautifully display your glassware and accessories above your coffee station.  

coffee station


5. Upgrade to a Coffee and Breakfast Bar

Make the most of your space by upgrading your coffee station to a breakfast and coffee bar. Use matching organizational containers for the kids’ cereal and your coffee ingredient items to tie everything together while making morning routines simpler. Incorporating a beverage cooler into your design centralizes all the milk, fruit, and juice boxes you might need to start your day well.

coffee station

However you decide to incorporate a coffee station in your kitchen design, you’ll be delighted to have a dedicated spot to indulge in your favorite morning beverage. Bring your ideas to the team of skilled designers at French’s Cabinet Gallery, LLC, and they will turn your dream into reality. Visit us online or call 615-371-8385 to get started with an appointment.