Many newly renovated or newly built homes center around an open floor plan kitchen design, which creates a wonderful opportunity for a showstopping design feature. The latest kitchen design trend of incorporating a second island is the perfect example of design elements that give a kitchen a truly unique and luxury feel.

Often, the first island is all about function and storage, optimizing your kitchen design so an evening of cooking flows with ease. The second island is where your entertainment space takes life as the central gathering point for a dinner party or celebration.

When planning your kitchen, our design experts at French’s Cabinet Gallery, LLC can explore with you how adding two islands will upgrade your kitchen design to be a fully customized showpiece.

Optimize Your First Island for Cooking with Ease

Spacious Kitchens with Two Island Features

The kitchen island serves as an essential countertop space for food preparation, storage, and seating. In a kitchen design with two islands, your first island will typically focus on these functional elements since it is closest to your appliances and sink. You might consider a variety of features to optimize this space fully, but the following ideas will help you create a kitchen design that works most effectively for you:

  • Incorporate trash and recycling pull-outs
  • Install a microwave drawer to keep it out of sight
  • Maximize storage with cabinets on both sides of the island
  • Consider drawers for storage as an alternative to conventional cabinets

Showcase Your Hosting Expertise at Your Second Island

Spacious Kitchens with Two Island Features

While having double islands will certainly provide multiple cooks space to work, the second island in your kitchen design is best suited for incorporating features for entertaining. Every dinner party will have a natural gathering point at your second kitchen island, especially if you dedicate your second island to creating a seating and dining area. There are many features you could include to create a beautiful entertaining space, and these will help you host with ease:

  • Include a beverage refrigerator and icemaker
  • Add an additional sink for easy cleanup and drink preparation
  • Incorporate open shelving for easy access to cocktail glasses or party platters

Consider a Galley Workstation in Your Kitchen Design

Spacious Kitchens with Two Island Features

A spacious kitchen provides you with the opportunity to add functional, luxurious elements. The Galley workstation is the ultimate culinary system where you can prepare, cook, serve, entertain, and wash all in one central and convenient place. It includes various serving boards and a deep basin to contain the meal prep mess with everything you need at your fingertips. Seamlessly go from cooking to cleanup while standing face-to-face with your guests for an excellent entertaining experience. Adding the Galley to either of your two islands is a perfect way to make the most of your upgraded kitchen design.

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