Whether you are looking to do a complete kitchen remodel or desperate for a way to maximize the space in your small kitchen, French’s Cabinet Gallery can help. Not only can we help design a beautiful and functional kitchen with new cabinets, but we can also help add work space to your existing kitchen without the mess of a complete overhaul. How, you ask? Let us tell you about the revolutionary Galley Workstation.


Use Every Space…Including the Kitchen Sink

A large sink is great when you’re washing dishes. But what about when you’re not? It’s using up a lot of valuable counter space! This is a problem when you have limited space in your kitchen. If you have a large relatively updated kitchen, is it efficient? Do you find yourself running from one cabinet to another retrieving the items you need to prepare and serve your meal? Whether your kitchen is small or has plenty of space, your sink could be doing more. It could be a Galley!

Galley Workstation

The Galley Workstation

The Galley Workstation is a new category of kitchen appliance. It’s a versatile system incorporated in a specially designed sink to utilize the space in an ergonomic, efficient manner. Using a dual-tiered concept, the sink can accommodate a wide array of culinary tools such as colanders, mixing bowls, cutting boards, and even accessories for serving condiments and garnishes. These pieces are interchangeable and can slide above and below each other to maximize space when preparing a meal, can be arranged into an efficient and fun entertaining station, and can be removed and placed in the dishwasher for easy cleanup.

Want to learn more? Watch The Galley in action…



Variety of Sizes

The Galley Workstation comes in a variety of sizes to fit any kitchen and is available in both single and double bowl configurations. They even offer a Galley Bar Workstation for mixology at its best! The Galley is customizable and can be adapted to fit your needs. Let the designers at French’s Cabinet Gallery help you select the perfect Galley Workstation setup for your lifestyle.


Authorized Galley Dealer

If you want to better understand what a Galley Workstation can do to revolutionize your daily life in the kitchen, contact French’s Cabinet Gallery, LLC at 615-371-8385. As an authorized dealer, French’s can show you a display and walk you through all the available options. And of course, we are always ready to assist you with a complete kitchen cabinet remodel! Call today to schedule your appointment with one of our experienced designers.