In today’s kitchen, an island isn’t just for added storage and extra seating. It’s a statement piece that can become the focal point for your kitchen.

Large kitchens often include sizable islands as they have the room to accommodate this, while a smaller kitchen may require more intentional space planning to get the most function out of the island. Regardless of how large or small your island is, you can make a statement based on the style, ornamentation, lighting and overall design.

5 Ways to Make A Statement With Your Kitchen Island

Whether you’re adding an island to an existing kitchen or completing a full kitchen renovation, these ideas will help you make your island a statement piece in your kitchen.

1. Incorporate Decorative Countertop Supports 

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To give more interest to your island’s visual appearance, consider adding decorative countertop supports like corbels or legs. Whether you are drawn to ornate touches or lean more towards a contemporary aesthetic, these accents are available in a wide variety of materials and finishes. Solid wood decorative legs or intricately carved wood corbels can add warmth and detail to your island, while metal corbels or brackets are a perfect accent for more transitional or modern spaces. 

2. Set the Tone with Lighting

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You can literally put your kitchen island in the spotlight. Statement lighting above the island not only adds drama to the kitchen, but will also draw the eye to your island.

Other creative ways to illuminate your island include under-counter lights, backlit decorative panels or toe kick lighting.

3. Contrasting Finish

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Consider a contrasting finish to make your statement island shine. For example, if you have painted cabinets throughout the rest of your kitchen, you might use a wood stain on the island or bring a pop of color to the room with a bold choice compared to neutral perimeter cabinets. This is a fun way to incorporate your favorite color and a little personality into the kitchen. 

4. Go Oversized 

When you have the space, an oversized island is a popular design choice. The island often serves as the primary prep space in the kitchen, so why not go big! Oversized islands can accommodate a second dishwasher or sink as well as integrated storage features such as organizational accessories or trash pullouts. A large island is also a perfect spot to incorporate a Galley Workstation. In your Galley you can prep, cook, serve and clean using their versatile culinary tools. If you’re not familiar with this ultimate culinary system, schedule a showroom appointment at French’s Cabinet Gallery to learn more.

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5. Include a Waterfall Edge

A waterfall edge brings the countertop from the top horizontal portion of your island down the side vertically to create smooth visual lines.

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To emphasize the waterfall effect, designers enjoy using countertops with bold movement to draw the eye across the island and down to the floor.

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