Green Products


The answer to this questions is important because in many places around the world, logging is associated with habitat loss, displacement of indigenous peoples, water pollution and even violence against humans and wildlife.

Responsible consumers can choose not to support such practices by selecting FSC-certified products. Both of our cabinet lines, Crestwood and Koch have environmental programs that vary but offer not only a strong commitment to the environment but also, and just as importantly, a commitment to a safe air environment in your home. Gaining in popularity because of cheap pricing are cabinet components manufactured in China, then shipped to the USA for assembly. This allows the companies to make the false claim that their cabinets are made in the USA. The truth is that they are assembled in the USA from materials made in China.

This makes it impossible to make sure there are no dangerous substances that are toxic or that outgas dangerous toxins which your family breathes. Our Koch cabinet line is very price competitive with these foreign manufactured cabinets and you can "breathe easily" knowing your indoor air quality is not compromised. For full details of each of our manufacturers environmental programs, please visit the following websites: or

Yes, we have bamboo cabinetry and it's beautiful!