There are many options for remodeling your home, from a light remodel such as painting and new flooring, to a major remodel that adds living space. Since the home is the largest investment most people will ever make, it is smart to know where to spend your money. And, since the kitchen is the heart of the home, it’s no surprise that the kitchen is just the place to begin.

What Interior Remodels Bring the Most Value?

The REALTOR® ranking of interior projects most likely to add value lists these top three items: 

  • Complete Kitchen Renovation
  • Kitchen Upgrade
  • Bathroom Renovation

So, a kitchen remodel, from total to partial, accounts for two of the top three ways to add value to your home!

Do You Get Value Back from a Kitchen Remodel?

According to Remodeling Magazine’s 2019 Cost vs. Value report, homeowners recoup approximately 60% to 80% of their costs on a kitchen remodel upon resale. In a hot real estate market like we currently have in Middle Tennessee, you may see an even higher return as long as the remodel is tasteful and on-trend.

What Should You Focus on in a Kitchen Remodel?

If you are considering a partial remodel, don’t make the mistake of adding new appliances or countertops to low quality cabinets. It’s like putting lipstick on a pig, and you know what they say about that! Just as your home has a foundation for the structure to be built on, the cabinetry is the foundation of your kitchen. Don’t scrimp and throw good money after bad by updating everything but old, low quality cabinetry. This will not add value to your home. A potential buyer can even be turned off by the thought of having to rip out new counters placed on old cabinetry.

If your existing cabinetry is high quality and you like the layout, you might suffice with a refresh of new hardware and countertops. Along with painting the walls, these items could yield good results, adding potential value.

We find many older kitchens are low on function and aesthetics. So, a complete remodel would not only yield the highest return on resale, but can also become an investment in the enjoyment of your home. This is really the main motivation to remodel a kitchen in the first place!

Ready To Start Your Kitchen Remodel?

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