Perhaps you’ve heard it referred to as a “scullery” or “prep kitchen.” Regardless of its name, a second kitchen is growing in popularity as a way to keep the main kitchen a stunning, clean gathering space while all the food prep and dirty dishes go in a back room to allow homeowners to enjoy gatherings more completely.

In essence, a second kitchen is a glorified pantry. The space is not as sprawling as the main kitchen by any means and features just the essentials – cabinets to house food prep materials, a large sink for dishes, a dishwasher and perhaps an oven or stovetop if the homeowners hope to prepare food entirely in the room.

Having the second kitchen can make the main kitchen look pristine with no small appliances on the counters and plenty of room to entertain. Second kitchens are often located nearby the main kitchen but ideally out of sight to keep the clean appearance homeowners want. 

The most common places you’ll find second kitchens are in new build luxury homes or luxury homes undergoing extensive renovations. That’s because many existing homes don’t have the space designed for a second kitchen. But with a renovation, you can create the space just how you want it.

So how can you use a second kitchen? Here’s a look at some of the functions these spaces can offer.

1. Keep Counters Clear With A Second Kitchen

The convenience of the coffeemaker on the counter is incredible. And yet it creates a cluttered appearance in the main kitchen. Whether it’s a stand mixer consuming counter space in the corner of your knife block on the island, all those smaller supporting cooking materials can move out of sight in your second kitchen while still being accessible for everyday use.

Modern kitchen designs call for clean counters. If you want to pull off the appearance, the best option is to move your everyday items to your second kitchen.

2. Make the Main Kitchen Living Space

Increasingly, homes are turning the kitchen into an extension of the living space. Gone are the days of the island being all about food prep. Now islands look more like kitchen tables and invite guests to sit and stay a while.

Homeowners are opting for large windows and open shelving in addition to traditional cabinets. That way, they can place plants and other decorations in the kitchen to carry over the appearance of the living room into the kitchen seamlessly.

3. More Space Means More Opportunity for Organization

Today, organizing a pantry looks quite different than it used to. Homeowners want designer bins and clean appearances, even when the food is closed up behind a door. Having additional cabinets and storage space leaves more room for organizing. You can devote an entire cabinet just to spices when you have extra cabinet space to work with.

And if you love to bake, your second kitchen can include storage for everything from spring pans to cookie sheets. The more space with a designated purpose, the more organized your kitchen and second kitchen can be.

4. Additional Cold Food Storage Space

second kitchen

To get extra fridge and freezer space, many homeowners add another appliance to their basement or garage. But then your food is far away from the prep zone or your drinks are distant from your living space.

A second kitchen can give you additional cold food storage space with a second fridge and freezer in a natural space where you need it.

5. Entertain Guests While Keeping Your Kitchen Pristine

Temp guests with delicious homemade food while keeping your kitchen pristine and ready for social gatherings. The food prep can all take place in the second kitchen. Then you can cook it in your main kitchen to still allow the smells to waft throughout your home and get your guests excited about what they’ll be enjoying.

And as guests enjoy the cooking, they won’t see the dishes and cookware in the second kitchen sink. The homeowners won’t have to worry about cleaning up until well after the last guest leaves.

For homeowners who enjoy entertaining, a working kitchen can be an excellent addition to their homes. 

Selecting Cabinetry for a Second Kitchen

No matter where you’re placing cabinets, you want to consider the room’s existing décor and style and how you’ll be using the cabinets. Work with one of the leading cabinet designers in middle Tennessee. French’s Cabinet Gallery has appeared on seven episodes of the HGTV hit Property Brothers and has helped countless homeowners make their kitchens more functional and attractive. 

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